Finance and Administration

Finance Department – Busoga Diocese

The Financial treasurer is in Charge of the Finance Department and he is the Secretary to Finance Board. He Calls Board meetings, Writes the  Minutes, Distribution Minutes to the Board Members, Preparing Budget Estimates and presentation of the budget, Making Financial regulations and policies, Writing and maintaining books of accounts, Receiving all Diocesan Moneys and ensuring safe custody, Making all requisitions for expenditure, Preparing monthly financial reports,

Writing all Cheques  procurement of goods and office equipment Financial mobilization and training He prepares and pay salaries and wages, Act as Financial Advisor. Act as Bank Agent He does Monitoring and supervising all Diocesan funds at all levels          and he is the overall Supervisor of all Employees in the Finance Department.

The Diocesan Secretary is in charge of all Administrative and Human resource issues of the Dioceses. He is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Diocese.