• Busoga Diocese has had successful handover right from the first Bishop, second up to now the third Bishop.
  • These are the Bishops that Busoga Diocese has produced:
  1. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Cyprian K. Bamwoze
  2. The Rt. Rev. T.T. Nabeeta
  3. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael A.S. Kyomya
  4. The Rt. Rev. Samuel G.B. Egesa
  5. The Rt. Rev. Paul M.S. Naimanhye
  6. The Rt. Rev. Patrick Wakula
  • Busoga Diocese has given birth to Central Busoga Diocese and East Busoga Proposed Diocese is due.
  • A number of clergy have been trained, ordained, groomed and elevated to various levels.
  • Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe and the Diocesan office have been rehabilitated to glorify God’s Holy Name.
  • The gospel has been preached and many people have been led to the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
  • Teaching, seminars and conferences have been held all years round.
  • Prayer ministry has gained ground across the Diocese.
  • Churches have been planted and developed.