About Us

Busoga diocese is spiritually mature, growing, with self sustainability, and fulfilling her ministries.

The Mission is;

To effect spiritual renewal and vitality, church growth, and development in a spirit of team work in Busoga Diocese

The objectives are:

  1. To secure and effect goos, well motivated, and effective administration and running of the diocese
  2. To secure and develop well equipped, spiritually mature and well-motivated leadership at all the various levels of the diocese.
  3. To ensure good and proper facilities for the running, ministry, and functioning of Busoga Diocese.
  4. To secure sound financial footing and self-sustainability of Busoga Diocese
  5. To provide leadership, theological , and ministry training for the clergy, lay-readers, and other staff with a view to developing leadership for Busoga diocese.
  6. To carry out missions, and outreach programs in churches – to the executives and to the general populace.
  7. To promote sound, biblical, theological and ministry teaching in all our churches for the believers to grow to maturity
  8. To effect and enhance ministry to women in their spiritual and social needs.
  9. To effect and enhance ministry to the family in churches
  10. To effect and enhance ministry to the children and youth
  11. To engage in social action that enhances the ministry of the churches.