Successful Father’s Union day Celebrations

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The Right Bishop Paul Naimanhye together with the Chairman Father’s Union Busoga Diocese


The St.Peter’s Day Celebrations took place in Kamuli District at the Kamuli Archdeaconry headquarters. St. Peters day was a success as thousands of Christians turned up joyfully amidst excitement of many wedded couples who chose to sanctify their marriages. The Official celebrant was the Rt. Bishop Paul Naimanhye.

Many other dignitaries were present and gave remarkable speeches to the Christians and asked them to be faithful to their partners and to enter holy matrimony for those who have not yet.

The couple that wedded at 100 years

The Bishop awarded certificates of appreciation to the members of the committee for their outstanding work during the past one year in their office. He also recognized the couple of the celebration that wedded at 100 years of age. The couple brought a lot of excitement among the congregation and served as an example that it is never too late for couples to sanctify their marriages.

The Bishop said in his speech that the next St.Peters day celebrations shall be hosted by Muguluka parish.

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